Glitched Space Photography

Hey, sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated. Just don’t like tumblr’s photo uploading as much. I’ve been using deviantART more. 

My puppy Alice. 3 pictures from when we got her in May and 3 pictures from the last few months. She’s grown quite a bit in that time. 

Lakes are pretty. I love water a lot and have been to a few lakes. There’s always something sort of magical about being at a lake for a week away from home.

Ah more nature photography. I think this was one of my most successful walks around my neighborhood to get pictures ever. Gonna do that again soon. So excited for winter and all the wonderful pictures I’ll be able to get then.

I just realized that that third picture was taken a few years ago. So these weren’t all taken on the same day.

So two of my friends got married at lunch. They had to eat the ceremonial skittles. And then I threw skittles at the table for the guys at the table next to ours. They acted like it was the last food they’d ever see. Lol. Good times. 

SHANNAAAAAAAA hi! I had no idea who you were until I saw your posts of everyone from school haha from euphemissthem

Lol. Hello. Yeah this is my blog for my personal project so I’m following a bunch of people I know.

Not happy. Not in a good mood. Posts photos of cats. They make me feel a bit better. Cats are cool. And cute and fluffy.

Just a few of my favorite photos really quick. Seems like all these photos are my favorites huh? Well I am posting my favorites first.

Oh boy nostalgia. So a few years ago, me and my family went to Florida to visit my grandpa because he’s cool. And I have a few really good photos. They are especially good considering they were taken on a DSi. I miss Florida. It was so nice there. Only thing that bothered me was the solitude. Not many people or big stores. We were in the Keys.